Posted on 10th July, 2017

During the summer of 2016 we noticed more and more rubbish on our roadside. A white plastic chair lay in the ditch between Matapouri and Tutukaka, day after day this chair remained on the roadside.

Guy and I went away to Hawaii in January and were overwhelmed by the cleanliness of the beaches and roadside, when we came back to our beautiful Tutukaka Coast the amount of rubbish was so noticeable, it was everywhere. The worst thing was that after two weeks that plastic chair was still there.

Screenshot 2017-03-15-21-46-35-crop
The dreaded plastic chair that inspired action.

We decided we needed to take action..

After discussion with Nick Keene, owner of Schnappa Rock and Wahi Resturants it was all go. We set the date, did some advertising and before we knew it we had 70 odd keen volunteers at our first collection day.
After a short briefing outside Oceans Hotel and the handing out of collection bags and Hi Vis Vests (supplied by Robinson's Asphalt) the team spread themselves along the roadside from Sandy Bay to the Kaiatea turnoff and begun picking up rubbish.
Truck and trailers were loaded in no time. Old TV's, wire, signs, tyres, food wrappers, and bottles galore were amongst the loads taken to Ngunguru Transfer Station.

20160312 123537
Roadsigns were put up to slow the traffic.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of rubbish collected. By 1pm we were all back at Schnappa Rock Restaurant enjoying BBQ sausages and drink sponsored by Tawapou Coastal Natives and Nick Keene of Schnappa Rock & Wahi Restaurants.
The volunteers not only enjoyed the community atmosphere but the satisfaction of a job well done.

This event is a great opportunity for everyone on the coast to come together and have fun while keeping our coast beautiful and clean. We have a collection twice a year usually around March and October.

Your welcome to join!!