Posted on 28th November, 2020


I recently went on a hike with a friend. A 6-day hike from Spirits Bay to Ahipara to be specific. A roughly 130km trail along some iconic Northland coastline. Needless to say that we had an amazing time.

With no cell phone coverage for the entire length of the track and us being the only people on the track for about 99% of the time, it was back to the basics. Our only missions/ objectives of each day were to firstly find a camp spot at the end of each day to set up our shelter, and secondly and most importantly to listen - listen to ourselves and listen to the Earth.

Nothing else - No Distractions - No Excuses.


As hard as we try in our normal day-to-day lives, we are so disconnected from what counts - most importantly, reality itself. (Even though - and sadly funny enough - most of us try our hardest to stay connected to the entire planet by scrolling our way through various media throughout the day.)

So I listened… listened to the constant noise of waves rolling onto the beach, the wind howling into my ears (mostly the right one to be specific), the sand crunching under my feet, the birds being just birds and of course the constant chatter in my own head.


The end (in the form of the Ahipara sand dunes) came in sight on day four. Three days of walking in a straight line ahead of us with the end clearly visible in the distance… this didn’t allow for any premature feeling of achievement though, instead the never changing landscape of the beach kept reinforcing the importance of staying in the present moment rather than looking ahead to the future and dreaming about the cold drink waiting for me. In the end, I could have just kept walking, but the message from the Earth was clear:

“We are one - If you look after me, I will look after you, provide for you, protect you and give you the most amazing time while spending your short life with me.”

So this goes out to everyone - look after the Earth in any possible way and embrace nature. Connect with what is relevant in this life... Hike, swim, watch a sunset, grow your own food, walk barefoot, turn your phone off, stop scrolling, listen to the sound of nature, hug a tree, plant trees, lots and lots of trees…