Matai resembles miro, growing throughout New Zealand. Slow growing with neatly arranged needle-like foliage.

Prumnopitys taxifolia (Matai or Black pine) is an endemic New Zealand dioecious coniferous tree with a broad crown on stout upright spreading branches and it grows on the North Island and South Island. It grows up to 33 m high, with a trunk up to 2.35 m in diameter and is thought to have a lifespan of a 1000 years. It has grey-brown dotted bark that flakes off in thick round or oval chunks, whitish underneath, leaving red patches on the trunk.

The fruit is a fleshy, oily, aromatic, terpene-tasting, purple-black drupe with a glaucous bloom. The stone is more or less circular (5.5-) 6-8.5 mm in diameter with a surface that is dull to semi-glossy, pale orange-yellow to light orange-yellow. The seeds are dispersed by the Kereru (New Zealand Pigeon), which eats the 'berries' and passes the seeds in its droppings.

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