Attractive tree growing 4-5m high producing large berries enjoyed by wood pigeon. Ideal for coastal sites.

Small tree growing 5-8m high, with leathery leaves that are paler underneath, inhabiting coastal forest in the upper North Island. Twig fuzzy. Flowers tiny. Produces fruit 2.5-4cm long, red ripening to almost black from December through to June.

Tawapou is common on rodent-free offshore islands in the Hauraki Gulf, around the Coromandel Peninsula, Great Barrier Island, and on the Mokohinau, Poor Knights, Hen & Chickens and Three Kings Islands.

A frost tender species that makes an excellent specimen tree for northern New Zealand parks and large gardens, and is ideal for planting in street avenues. Requires dry soils in fun sun or semi-shade. Can be a little slow to establish in some sites but once it is established it is moderately fast growing, drought tolerant and has a pleasing growth habit. Tawapou can also be used as a hedge - though this spoils its attractive form.

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