Vigorous growing coastal groundcover which forms tangled mass.

Muehlenbeckia complexa, commonly known as maidenhair vine, creeping wire vine, lacy wire vine, angel vine, mattress vine, mattress wire weed, necklace vine, and wire vine.

It is quite vigorous and probably the best species for trimming and topiary. It is semi-deciduous growing to 4.5 m or more up suitable supports, and produces swollen white berries with black seeds. Leaves turn bronzy before dropping in late fall/early winter. Any reasonably well drained soil will suit this agreeable groundcover, and drought, salt spray, and wind are all tolerated with good grace.

When sited appropriately, M. complexa is fast spreading, and quite capable of vining over obstacles or up trellises, so some cutting back to keep them in bounds may be required. Otherwise, these tough plants take care of themselves if watered deeply about once a week for the first couple seasons. Ideal for trailing over coastal clay banks.

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