Climber or shrub with orange/red flowers late summer to winter. Prefers good soil in cool area when young.

Metrosideros fulgens is a native vine also known as climbing rātā or scarlet rātā vine. The vine can be found growing coastal and lowland forest throughout the North Island, on the west coast of the South Island and on the Three Kings Islands north of Cape Reinga. Prefers a warm and moist habitat. The climbing rātā has oval shaped, dark green glossy leaves and bright red flowers which resemble the pohutukawa flower which occur in between autumn and spring. The vine can grow up to 1m long and when it flower it often appears to be the tree it is growing on.

In terms of cultivation the rātā vine may test your patience but it is a remarkable plant once fully established and flowering. Good to plant near retaining walls or fence and with encouragement it will eventually take hold. Full sun can trick the vine into flowering sooner.

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