Found throughout NZ. Commonly used for hedging.

One of the most popular plants for hedging is our native broadleaf Griselina littoralis or commonly known as kapuka. There are several reasons why kapuka makes an excellent hedge. It is reasonably fast growing, has a dense evergreen habit and is bushy to ground level. Kapuka can be kept at any height by trimming and does not make a mess by losing lots of dead leaves.

Once established kapuka are extremely drought tolerant. Overseas gardeners, particularly in the UK, recognised their usefulness as a hedging plant long before it became fashionable in NZ. Kapuka is one of the two species of Griselina that are endemic to NZ. The other five species in the genus are found in Chile. Kapuka grows throughout the country including Steward Island. In the North Island it is found mostly at higher elevations.

Usually a terrestrial plant it can reach a height of 10m with a short, rough-barked trunk.
The wood of the kapuka is extremely durable and some waka huia (treasure
containers) were made from the wood. The berries ripen in autumn and are eaten by birds, particularly the tui.
At the nursery we grow a variety or selected form called "Broadway Mint"
chosen for its large wavy glossy leaves and bushy habit making it an
excellent hedging plant.

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