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Entela arborescens, also known by its Maori name Whau is a species of malvaceous trees endemic to New Zealand. Found growing in lowland coastal forests across the North Island and some inland areas that are said to have been deliberate plantings by Maori. The short lived (up to 20 years) tree grows extremely fast and can reach a height of 3m and spread of 2m.

This species requires a lot of light and cannot tolerate moderate cold, strong winds, very dry soil or ill drained soil. Its large lime-like foliage has jagged edges and gives the tree a tropical appearance. The whau tree has white flowers and distinctive round brown/green fruit that is covered in small spikes.

The wood of the whau tree is very light and was used by the Maori as fishing floats. It is thought to be as light as balsa wood.

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