Attractive flax-like plant with more broad leaves than D.nigra.

Dianella latissima is a small flax-like, tussock forming plant native to New Zealand. The plant has been found in a wide range of habitats in the upper North Island. The exact habitat preferences of the species is still unclear. The softly arching leaves create small tussock like clumps that spread 30cm and reach a height of 50cm. Tiny white flowers appear in September followed by bright blue berries in the summer.

Easily grown from the division of whole plants and from fresh seed. The Dianella latissima thrives in well drained soils, sun or semi shade. This plant is an attractive species that has huge horticultural potential on account of its larger growth habit, and wider, light green leaves. The small plant can used to bring contrast or a sense of order to a garden.

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