One of our best known and distinctive trees found throughout the country.

Cordyline australis is a iconic native New Zealand tree more commonly known as the cabbage tree or tī kōuka. The tree ranges between heights of 5-10m and is distributed throughout New Zealand. Naturally found in a variety of environments throughout New Zealand including coastal, forest and urban gardens; it can survive because of its ability to store water. It thrives in wet and open areas such as swamps. Was once used by Māori for food, fibre and medicinal purposes. Its long and sharp looking leaves stem from the top of the trees small trunk. In early summer cream coloured, scented flowers appear followed by blue-ish and white berries which attract native birds.

The hardy nature of the Cordyline australis gives it the ability to adapt to almost any site condition. Can be used effectively to give height where space is restricted or in groups for dramatic effect in tropical gardens.

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