Larges growing sedge with bluish/green foliage suitable for damp areas

Carex trifida is a sedge indigenous to New Zealand, southern South Island, Stephens, Stewart, Chatham, Snares, Antipodes, Auckland, and Campbell Islands. It is also present on Macquarie Island, in southern South America and the Falkland Islands. With arching green and gold foliage the trifida sedge ideal for both containers and the garden.

This species prefers semi-shade and moist soils. Differs from other sedges because of its thicker leaves and larger brown flower stouts that grow from the centre of the plant.
Carex trifida is a strictly coastal sedge where it often associated with seal haul outs and sea bird nesting grounds in areas that are usually open sites. It is very rarely found in canopy gaps within coastal forest. It is an extremely robust, compact, light green to glaucous sedge, producing tussocks up to 1 m diameter.

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