Attractive sedge with rich chocolate brown foliage suitable for wet areas.

Carex tenuiculmis is a reddish brown tussock native sedge that is naturally found in the South Island, Stewart Island and the Chatham Island and Pitt Islands. It is now commonly used though out New Zealand in amenity plantings. Its natural habit is wetland margins. The tussocks rhizomes are short and spreading which create a circular and low growing clump.
Though it does best in a sunny, permanently damp situation it can tolerant extremely dry conditions, although, ultimately in these locations it will not flourish. It can grow to a height of 1m with a spread of 1.5 m but is most commonly 40cm in height and 50cm in width. This species of Carex differentiates from the others because of its distinct brown and red-wine colouring. This plant looks best when dried out leaves are removed from the centre. Like most of the Carex species Carex tenuiculmis is more commonly being used in amenity plantings alongside similar varieties in order to showcase there unique features.

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