Northland tree, attractive spreading garden specimen.

Caldicluvia rosifolia, of the Cunoniaceae family is a fast growing and very attractive small tree.

Accordingly, the rule that applies for many bush edge species is a useful guide for placing Makamaka in the garden - "roots in the shade, head in the sun". Another comment that I would make regarding its cultivation is that it should be allowed room to achieve its natural spreading form (around 3 to 4m), as it can be tricky to maintain an elegant appearance when pruning its lateral branches

Makamaka is naturally found from near Kaitaia to just north of Wellsford. Despite its restriction to the Northland region, it will grow at least as far south as Wellington. It was discovered to science by the early botanist Allan Cunnngham in 1826, at Hokianga.

Abundant small pale pink/white flowers from August to October are very attractive. It is often grown for its foliage. Tolerates either sun or shade in most well-drained soils. The Makamaka passes through a juvenile stage in which the leaves are larger and thinner.

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