Pronounced Patu Pie/a/de/he
When my parents were married in the 50's one of the wedding gifts they were given was an etching by Trevor Lloyd. As a child this etching hung in the hallway outside my bedroom.


The etching was of a typical New Zealand bush scene with a large Mamaku and a small cave beneath, out of the cave came the "tiny people" or "Patu paiarehe". They are the fairy like beings that are seldom seen in the misty mountain tops or deep forests, said to have magical powers and special knowledge.


Some of the "Patu paiarehe" were riding Kiwi while others were being piggy backed. When you look closely at the detail in the etching they have cheeky and fun like expressions on their faces. I was absolutely fascinated by this etching and continue to love it.

The etching by Trevor Lloyd formed the theme of this sculpture.